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Door Entry & Gate Entry Systems provide a safe and convenient way of authorising access to your property or site. These systems can provide images of your visitors, two way communication and a means of operating a door or gate release mechanism.

Visitors can be interrogated with the latest range of audio or video entry systems linked to handsets, monitors or "trend-setting" internal recessed modules within the property. These units are so compact they hardly take up any space and a selection of specialised finishes can match in harmony with your decor.

Video Door Entry Systems are available in monochrome or colour and can be interfaced with internal TV networks and/or CCTV Systems.

Some dynamic systems allow the facility of communication via an interface with the internal telephone system for maximum convenience and can also be integrated with Access Control Systems and also Crestron, the leading home automation system.

Likewise these systems can also be linked with access control and gate automation systems and form part of an integrated system.

There are many systems available to our Customers in London and Nationwide, and we are happy to quote alternative manufacturers however we are proud bpt authorised installers, the UK leader in distribution and support of versatile audio and video door entry control systems.

btp has been supplying systems to the highest standards for over 30 years in UK, similar to mrfs Group. bpt has one of the highest reliability ratings in the industry, which leads to one of the lowest return rates, bpt are also accredited with BS5750 Part 2, EN ISO 9002.

The bpt product range is always evolving and developing and the new products today offer many innovations and unique features not seen in any other door entry control systems.

bpt have been setting the standard for quality and design from the elegant telephone style, to the very latest touch screen technology, there is something to suit all budgets and tastes. Just look at the options below;

Door Entry Handsets & Monitors

Lynea Audio

Offering style and functionality, this audio handset can be wall or desk mounted and features lock release, door bell interface and auxiliary button. Six expandable inserts are available for privacy, intercom, door monitoring and call transfer.

Lynea Lite Video

This wall or desk mounted entry level unit features either a 4” mono or 3.5” colour screen, in addition to auxiliary button, camera preview/select, door bell interface, lock release and brightness /contrast control. Expansion units are not available.

Lynea Video

Slim and elegant with a 4” mono or 3.5” colour screen, the standard version features auxiliary button, camera preview/select, door bell interface, lock release , and brightness /contrast control, and can be desk or wall mounted. Six expandable inserts are available for door monitoring, call transfer, intercom and privacy options.

Ophera Video

Combining modern design and style with advanced functionality, this semi-flush mount video monitor features a 3.5” colour LCD screen with swivel mount display, and is available in silver or white with three different colour surrounds available to complement your home or office.

Nova Video

The award winning Nova is available in white, silver or grey, and with a variety of surround plate colours. It is available in audio or colour video options, and is recessed and hands free.

Mitho Video

Simple, innovative and multi-functional, Mitho features a 4.3” LCD screen and has been designed by bpt for advanced use.

Mitho + Video

Mitho + can be used to incorporate the control of lighting, irrigation, heat regulation and automation opening.

Perla Video

Featuring a high quality 3.5” colour LCD screen and fantastic audio reproduction, the hands-free, wall-mounted Perla is easy to use, whilst its sleek design is suitably stylish for any home in London or elsewhere in the UK.

IPD Switchboard

The IPD switchboard provides a range of call management options for a variety of sites, and is used exclusively with System 300. Its compact desktop design complete with full colour screen makes it ideal for any application, and offers call intercept modes, call transfer and camera preview control.


Integrate directly into a Crestron Audio Visual home automation system over IP. bpt and Crestron have developed software which enables the systems to work together seamlessly; opening up opportunities for building control which is truly cutting edge.

Door Panels

Thangram panels

An entry panel for bpt X1 and XIP systems, Thangram features an innovative design and unbeatable video quality, making it the market-leader in the sophisticated new generation of door entry technology.

Targha panels

The Targha is easy to install and features a contemporary design with audio, colour or mono video, as well as an optional keypad. It can be surface mounted or recessed.

Vandal Resistant panels

12 SWG stainless steel panels are stylish, strong and durable, and highly vandal resistant. These panels can be flush or surface mounted and either are available as audio, mono or colour video.

Vandal Resistant & Key Pad panels

Identical to the standard vandal resistant panel but with a built-in access control keypad for up to fifty user codes.

Vandal Resistant & Access Control Reader panels

The standard vandal resistant panel includes a “cut out” to fit any proximity reader.

Thangram & Key Pad panels

The digital keypad version of the Thangram can be used with systems that require a large number of users without the need for additional push button panels.

Targha Digital panels

The digital version of the Targha has been designed for use with multi-caller systems and features a display which can show status, names or instructions, as well as a keypad for access control and up to 2000 access codes.

Thangram Digitha panels

A stainless steel entry panel, the Digitha is study and functional, and offers unbeatable performance with a compact design which is ideal for residential use. Its elegant dual brushed and matt finish is both eye-catching and pleasing to the touch.

Thangram Access Control panels

The standard vandal-resistant digital panel with additional cut out to accommodate any access control reader.

Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) panels

Featuring tactile buttons, braille characters and LED indicators, our vandal resistant panels have been adapted to match the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA).

For more information on door entry systems available in London and Nationwide, please call us now on 0500 288 999 or

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